Ontologies are the Esperanto for the Babel Fish of the 21st Century (part 11)



Ontologies will move, over time like all other technical innovations, from the Information System (IS) aspect of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) as bespoke then COTS applications and eventually to the Technology Infrastructure (TI) aspect of the EA as they become standard and ubiquitous. However this is unlikely to happen for short and medium term, i.e. unlikely to start until 2012 or later. While standards mature and until vendors start to introduce products that support those standards most of the efforts in this space are likely to be IS implementations based on mature products in the middleware market as opposed to TI black box solutions. Some COTS products currently exsist but are immature, require heavy customization and do not provide a good fit for inclusion into TI aspect.As Ontologies, in there many forms, are so crucial to the enterprise business and inter system functionality – event driven architecture (EDA), services oriented architecture (SOA), complex event processing (CEP), Master Data Management (MDM) amongst others – it is likely that the architecture lifecycle from IS bespoke implementation to TI component will be much more rapid than is usually the case. This shall also be enabled as many of the standards (that otological standards will be built on are) required for industrialisation – as opposed to academic use – are already in place. However there shall need to be a rationalization of existing standards and governance of new proposed standards to counter some of the negative forces causing end user confusion and preventing end user uptake of technologies that ease industrialized ontological use within the enterprise with the current standards proliferation explosion.It is likely there shall be intermediary IS/TI transformation services that will bridge the gaps between ontology versions, industry vertical ontologies, government ontologies, etc, until such as time when ontologies are firmly embedded in the TI layer as transparently available standard ubiquitous (to borrow a term from IBM heterogeneous) services.

Ontologies are the Esperanto for the Babel Fish of the 21st Century.



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