Ontologies are the Esperanto for the Babel Fish of the 21st Century (part 03)


Why do we Need Ontologies?

CxO says to Enterprise Architecture team “Why do we have to spend another 5 million integrating with X when we already spent that and more integrating with same system with Y.”EA team reply “Similar system completely different ontology. We suggested that we go with UBL & UNSPSC but you insisted on keeping costs down so we couldn’t even afford to go with industry vertical standard. We ended up implementing a variation of the one of the ontologies we already have; seeing as you, the solutions advisory board, and the division for whom the system was built wanted to go for a tactical and not strategic solution due to cost constraints.”

There can only be a number of these conversations before the penny starts to drop and a more strategic vision for the formal consideration of ontological impact on solutions is considered a necessary part of the procurement cycle.



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